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alaska travel alaskan vacations
alaskan vacation
alaskan vacation

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alaskan vacation

How can a directory help me get more traffic to my site?
Have you ever wondered why in big cities, businesses will group together by industry? The fur district, the diamond district, tech district. Sure you are surrounded by competitors but you are also surrounded by customers, customers who made not even had the intention to visit your business but came to the area because that's where all the stores are.

A similar effect happens with directories. You benefit in several ways by being in the company of similar businesses.

Directory Click Through
People looking for information about Alaska and Alaska service providers like directories because it's the mall approach to shopping: lots of options in one place.

It increases your exposure to your market and also to browsers who might not have been searching for you directly. Someone might find the directory when searching for Alaska rafting companies but then browse the directory and become interested in your kayak adventures.

The primary reason you should list with any directory is that visitors to the directory will click through to your site based on you listing description. There are other benefits of listings but this should be the main motivation.

Search Engine Performance
So how will people find this directory and your listing? Most people find directories through web searches. A well made and optimized directory site can perform very well in the search results of leading search engines. A page full of listings for Alaska Fishing Guides for example will be rich in relevant keywords and perform very well when searchers query those keywords. Our directory will be fully optimized by Pinnacle Internet, a specialist in site optimization, to guarantee that our listings get maximum exposure to a highly targeted and motivated audience.

Build Page Rank for your Site
A side benefit to listing in a directory such as Alaska Adventure Sites is that it creates high quality inbound links to your own site. This will improve your own site's performance with search engines. Be careful with link exchange programs however. You should get your web site listed on other sites that can bring you customers. Links from unrelated businesses may actually harm you site rating.

alaskan vacation

alaskan vacation
alaskan vacation  
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