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alaska fishing lodges guides
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alaska fishing lodges guides
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alaska fishing lodges guides
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alaska fishing lodges guides
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alaska fishing lodges guides
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alaskan vacation

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alaska fishing lodges guides
alaskan vacation
alaska fishing lodges guides alaska fishing lodges guides alaska fishing lodge

Information about: Alaska Fishing Lodges & Guides

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An Alaska fishing trip is every sport fisherman's dream. Planning an alaska fishing adventure can be a bit intimidating with all the choices with which you'll be confronted. Self guided trip, hire a fishing guide, do a fly-in fishing trip, a lodge based trip or some combination of all the above?

Probably the first thing to decide is what species of fish to go after. For halibut a charter will be needed. If salmon is the goal then can go the charter route or concentrate on Alaskan Salmon rivers like the famous Kenai River.

When to go depends on which species of salmon you're after. King salmon, silver (coho) salmon, sock eye (red) salmon, chum salmon and pink salmon depending on which month you chose to go. Almost all Alaska salmon fishing takes place in June, July, August and September. There are two reasons why salmon fishing takes place during these months: that is when the salmon make their annual migration into the rivers to spawn and in most cases the rivers thaw in May making salmon fishing in these great rivers possible.

What type of tackle should be used? Alaska salmon fishing can be done with fly fishing gear, bait casting or spinning gear.

Another decision to make when going Alaska salmon fishing is which rivers to fish. The Golsovia, Deshka, Chulitna, Copper and Kenai Rivers are just a few of the many streams and rivers that are great for salmon fishing. There is a lot of great information on different regions for fishing on the Alaska Fish & Game site. You can also apply for your Alaska fishing license online.

What sort of a fishing trip do you want to have? To really want to maximize fishing time consider a guided fishing trip. A great way to go is to stay in a fishing lodge that offers guided fishing trips for their guests. Professional Alaskan fishing guides know the waters and when and where the fish can be found.

Some lodges are located within walking distance of fantastic salmon fishing streams. Others may have the option of doing fly-ins to more remote salmon streams where you will have the stream all to yourself. The fly-in trips are more expensive of course.

Staying in a fishing lodge in less remote regions such as the Kenai Peninsula will mean plenty of great fishing options close by. When selecting a guide or outfitter for an adventure, go with an established company that has been in business for many years. If a company's guides have been working for them over many seasons then it's a good sign that the company is producing happy clients.


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