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alaska backpacking and alaska hiking trips
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alaska multisport tours
alaska backpacking and alaska hiking trips
alaska multisport tours alaska multisport tours alaska multisport tours

Information about: Alaska Multi-sport Tours

alaska bear viewing
alaska bear viewing

Rafting, hiking, kayaking - there are so many fun things to do in Alaska that it can be hard to pick just one. So don't.

A multi-sport trip can be the perfect solution for those who want to squeeze a lot of activities into their trip.

There are many outfitters and tour operators who offer multi-sport trips in different parts of the state. Typically these tours combine sea kayaking and hiking but river rafting can also be part of the mix. For example a multi-sport tour might include three days of sea kayaking, three to four days of hiking and a day of whitewater rafting for an action packed 8 day trip.

Multi-sport tours do take more time since time is requireed for transportation and down time between activities. So a multi-sport works better if 8 to 10 days is available for an Alaska adventure. Going with an Alaska based tour operator is definitely the way to go with a multi-sport. You could put your own trip together but if when combining multiple activities in multiple locations the logistical complexity increases rapidly. With a pre-packed multi-sport tour all of that planning and coordination is taken care of.

Alaska Multi-sport Tours - Where to go

Alaska is a big place. To avoid spending half your vacation in a van so look for a multi-sport tour that has all of the activities in a the same general area. Some possibilities might be sea kayaking in Kachemak Bay, rafting on the Kenai River and hiking on the Kenai Peninsula. You get to do a lot of activities but little time is spent shuttling off to the next activity.

Flly into Valdez, do some sea kayaking on Prince William Sound, raft down Keystone Canyon and go hiking in Thompson Pass - or if there is a little more time, drive into McCarthy and do a glacier hike on the root glacier.

A similar multi-sport tour can be done on the other end of the Sound out of Whittier with the hiking portion in the Chugach Range.

Another, more off the beaten path location for a spectacular and classic multi-sport adventure would be to kayak down the series of interconnected lakes in Wood-Tickhik State Park. Stop along the way for day hikes into the mountains on the western shores.



alaska backpacking and alaska hiking trips
alaska backpacking and alaska hiking trips  
alaska backpacking and alaska hiking trips
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alaska backpacking and alaska hiking trips

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